Where We Are A Team Distributed Accross The Netherlands

Anton Pannekoek Institute

University of Amsterdam

The Anton Pannekoek Institute (API) furthers research, teaching, and public understanding of astronomy. It conducts astronomical research and trains astronomers from bachelor to postdoctoral level, aiming to be world-leading level in its activities.

More information at the API-UvA website.


ASTRON is the Netherlands Institute for Radio Astronomy, ASTRON is part of the institutes organisation of NWO. Its mission is to make discoveries in radio astronomy happen. ASTRON does this by developing new and innovative technologies, operating world-class radio astronomy facilities, and pursuing fundamental astronomical research.

More information at the ASTRON website.

Joint Institute for VLBI ERIC

The Joint Institute for VLBI ERIC (JIVE) is a research infrastructure providing central support to the European VLBI Network (EVN). Founded in 1993, JIVE is since 2015 a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) with seven member countries: France, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Spain and Sweden. Additional support is received from partner institutes in China, Germany and South Africa. JIVE is hosted in Dwingeloo, the Netherlands.

More information at the JIVE website.

Contact Details

You can contact the P.I. of the AstroFlash project, Prof. Jason W.T. Hessels

Science Park 904. Room number: C4.118

+31 0 205 257 165