Group Leader

Jason Hessels

University of Amsterdam / ASTRON

Expert on pulsars, Fast Radio Bursts, and transient sources in general.


Cees Bassa


Working with the LOFAR radio telescope and volunteer at the Dwingeloo radio telescope.

Benito Marcote


Studies all kind of transient sources with low-frequency radio interferometers and very long baselien interferometry networks.

Zsolt Paragi


Chair of the program comittee of the European VLBI Network and head of the EVN User Support.


Shivani Bhandari


Veni Fellow. Studies Fast Radio Bursts with the EVN and LOFAR.

Pragya Chawla

University of Amsterdam

Searches for Fast Radio Bursts at low radio frequencies.

Franz Kirsten


Leading the PRECISE project on follow up of repeating Fast Radio Bursts with EVN dishes.

Dany Vohl

University of Amsterdam / ASTRON

Discovering long-term transient sources at low radio frequencies with LOFAR.

PhD students

Akshatha Gopinath

University of Amsterdam

Studing the burst properties of Fast Radio Bursts at low frequencies with LOFAR.

Dante Hewitt

University of Amsterdam

Localizing Fast Radio Bursts at high angular resolution and understanding the burst emission through observations with the Nancay telescope.

Kenzie Nimmo

University of Amsterdam / ASTRON

Focused on the study of Fast Radio Bursts at the highest angular and temporal resolution.

Omar Ould-Boukattine

University of Amsterdam

High-cadence monitoring of repeating Fast Radio Bursts with small EVN dishes.

Mark Snelders

ASTRON / University of Amsterdam

Finding and characterizing Fast Radio bursts at the highest possible time resolutions.

Master Students

Mariska Hoogkamer

University of Amsterdam

Characterising fluctuations in FRB temporal profiles and comparing with magnetar X-ray bursts

David Konijn

University of Amsterdam

Searching for FRBs towards nearby starburst galaxies

Teresa Matamoro

University of Amsterdam

Ruben van Ruiten

University of Amsterdam