May 06, 2021

Two bright bursts from FRB 20201124A with the Onsala 25-m telescope at 1.4 GHz, with no simultaneous emission detected at 330 MHz with Westerbork 25-m

We are running a multi-telescope, multi-band observing campaign on the recently announced fast radio burst source FRB 20201124A (ATel \#14497). The participating stations are the 25-m telescope at Onsala Space Observatory (OSO, observing between 1360-1488 MHz), the 25-m dish at Westerbork RT1 (300-364 MHz) and the 32-m telescope in Torun (4550-4806 MHz).

Kirsten, F., Ould-Boukattine, O. S., Nimmo, K., et al., 2021, The Astronomer's Telegram, No. 14605.